Add a Timer to your Quiz


Sometimes getting all the right answers on a quiz is not enough to be the best. You also need to be the fastest! To help you create quizzes where participants must answer as fast as possible or under a certain time limit, we added a stopwatch feature.

When you create a new quiz and go to the Advanced Options of the Configuration page, you will see the option to Show a stopwatch on the quiz form displaying the elapsed time. After checking this option, a timer (or stopwatch) with appear on your quiz form like in this example.

Coffee quiz
Example of a quiz with a timer

The timer will only appear if your quiz is set to show one question per page. You can also find the total time for each participant on the Answers page and in the Excel export.

User variables

User variables have always been a part of the quiz app but we never took the time to explain what they are and where you can use them. A variable is just a keyword inside brackets {} that acts as placeholders and is replaced by the real value on the quiz form. You can use variables in the Thank You text and in the Participant's Timeline post.

User variables
A list of variables you can use in your quiz

We hope these new changes will help you craft fun and challenging quizzes for your audience. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any comments or suggestion on how we can improve the app.