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How to Create a Quiz on Your Facebook Page in 2024

Quizzes have become an incredibly popular form of interactive content on social media platforms. They engage users, spark conversations, and offer a fun way to interact with your audience. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to create and publish a quiz on your Facebook page using the Quizzes for Pages app. So, let's get started and create an engaging quiz that will captivate your followers!

How To Update a Facebook Post With a New Image

Have you ever posted a quiz link on your Facebook Page only to realize afterwards that you need to update the image? Maybe you didn't replace the default stock image or something just isn't right with the image you chose. In this short tutorial, we'll walk you through the steps to update your Facebook post image with a new one.

5 Tips For a Successful Quiz on Facebook

Quizzes have become a popular way to engage and entertain audiences on social media platforms like Facebook. If you're looking to organize a successful quiz using the Quiz for Pages app, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll provide you with expert advice on how to make your quiz a hit by focusing on key aspects such as quiz length, question difficulty, participant rewards, promotion strategies, and testing considerations. Let's dive in!

More Options To Customize Your Reports

When exporting your quiz's results or statistics to a PDF, you can now customize the title and the information displayed in the report. For the results report, you can select which questions to include. Free form questions can no longer be included in the PDF but you can export them to CSV or Excel.

A Better Way To Collect Phone Numbers

In the age of internet, email is often the preferred communication medium for businesses. However phone numbers are still very valuable and a more personal way to get in touch with customers. A phone number can also be used for texting or messaging with Whatsapp. To help you collect participants phone numbers, we are pleased to announce a new dedicated phone field that you can include in your quiz forms.

Beyond Facebook Tabs

In their latest redesign of Business Pages, Facebook has ended support for third-party application tabs. This means that it is no longer possible to add a quiz to a tab on your Facebook Page. Although this might seem problematic, let us explain how little of an impact this change will have on your quizzes.

Announcing QR Codes For Your Quizzes

QR codes have been around for a while now but only recently has the technology seen real adoption beyond tech-savvy users. A QR code is similar to a bar code except that it can hold more information. The most common case for scanning a QR code with a phone's camera is to open a web page. It is now common to see restaurants ask patrons to open their online menus using a QR code placed on the table.

Redirect Participants To Your Website

We are excited to announce a new little feature that you might like! Instead of displaying the thank you page to participants after they fill out your quiz form, you can now redirect them to a page on your website. This puts you in full control of what comes next after participants complete the quiz. Maybe you want to offer exclusive content or a special offer from your website? Let's see how easy it is to setup!