How We Handle Your Facebook Profile Information

Considering the current stories coming to light involving the use of personal information on Facebook by a third party, we received a lot of emails asking how we deal with the Facebook data we collect. In this blog post, we want to clarify how our applications ensure your private information is protected.

First of all, we operate on a subscription-based business model. In plain english, this means that we profit from users paying a subscription for our services. We do not display ads and we do not sell any of the data collected through our apps. This is not how we operate our business, as this has always been clearly stated in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

When you answer or create a quiz on Facebook, the app will ask you permission to access your Facebook public profile. Your public profile includes the following information: your name, your gender and your email address. If you grant the permission, this basic info is stored in our database. The app cannot and will never access or store any other information from your Facebook profile or from your friends' Facebook profiles.

If you review your Facebook Settings and see that our quiz app is listed, this means one of two things: you created a quiz or answered a quiz using the Quizzes for Pages Facebook app.

If you created a quiz, you probably have an account with us. You can always delete the account and the quizzes you created in your account settings.

If you answered a quiz that was created using our app, the quiz creator collected your answers to the quiz. If you wish to know how this data was used, we recommend that you contact the quiz creator directly. Once again, we guarantee that the only data that we collected from your Facebook profile and submitted with your answers to the quiz creator are your name, gender and email address. If you did not grant access to your profile, your answers were submitted anonymously to the quiz creator.

We hope that this clears any concerns or doubts you might have regarding our apps. We encourage you to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.