Search And Filter Your Quizzes

The quiz filters menu

Quizzes for Pages is almost 10 years old and we have many long time customers that created hundreds of quizzes over the last few years. We heard from these customers that it can be difficult and frustrating to find old quizzes. At 5 quizzes per page, it requires a lot of patience to browse back through all previous quizzes. Today we are happy to finally make it easier to search and filter quizzes.

At the bottom of the page showing all your quizzes, next to the pagination, you will now see a button with a magnifying glass icon. This button will only appear if you created at least 15 quizzes. Click it to reveal the search menu. There are 3 criteria you can use to filter your quizzes:

  • A range of date for the time of creation of the quiz
  • The title of the quiz
  • An active/closed toggle for the current status of the quiz

We hope this new feature will help our loyal and curious customers find old quizzes more easily!

One more thing!

While we were at it, we also improved the filters to search answers. It is now possible to filter for a range of date and select more than one option for multiple-choice question filters. So if, for example, you were doing a "Favorite Christmas Movie" voting, you could filter answers to see only participants that answered a week ago and selected "The Grinch" or "Home Alone" as their answer.

Merry searching and happy New Year!