A New Metric To Track Likes On Your Page

Example of a Page Likes increase stats

Today we are introducing a new metric on the Stats page that will help you track the increase of Likes on your Page. The app records the number of Likes when the quiz is linked to your page and will stop monitoring after the quiz closes or once it's unlinked from the Page. This will give you a good overview of how your fan based increased while the quiz was running. This is especially helpful if you added a Like button to your quiz and want to track the impact on your Page Likes.

Did your quiz helped you find new followers? Now you'll know!

One more thing...

Example of a pie chart for participants locations in the United States

You might have noticed that we added another metric to the Stats page recently. It is a breakdown of participants per region (or state) for your quiz's most popular country. So let's say a majority of your participants originate from the United States, you will find a pie chart showing the different states participants come from. Keep in mind that a participant's country and region are determined with their IP address, which can sometimes be wrong if the user is accessing your quiz through a VPN or other indirection which would mask their true location.